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  • Ed and Lorraine Warren (film clip)

    Spirits, hauntings, vampires, werewolves, demons and devils are all part of the Halloween tradition—but for Ed and Lorraine Warren of Monroe, CT it’s been their living for almost 50 years. I caught up to the Warrens at their Occult Museum in Monroe recently and talked with Ed Warren about where the Warrens met, their religious and spiritual beliefs and how they became the world-renowned ghostbusters that they are today. Since 1952 the Warrens have been the directors of the New England Society for Psychic Research and to date they have investigated over 4,000 hauntings. The goal of the N.S.P.R. has been to share information with other groups who are investigating the same type of phenomenon and to help people are plagued by the supernatural. Read more about the Warrens here -> Ghost Village

  • Ghost Stalkers – Ghoatly Portal

    David Rountree sets up his wormhole detector, and Chad and John are convinced it is picking up the signals they need to do this investigation. Ghost Stalkers is a program on Destination America cable TV station. David Rountree is an author and heads S.P.I.R.I.T Investigations (Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Information and Technology) The web site is here.

  • Shadow person caught on tape.

    The following video was uploaded to YouTube by a gentleman by the name of Dave Jacobson. He has several other YouTube videos of ghosts caught in his house. Without investigating the house myself I cannot say if this video is real or not. You can view the rest of his videos here.

  • Tunnel to Hell

    Join the IPRA team as they investigate Satan’s Hollow in Cincinatti, Ohio. Satan’s Hollow is an old tunnel underground the streets of Blue Ash. Legend has it that satan worshipers congregate there and sacrifice animals and even humans. There are stories of a demonic creature dubbed “the shadow man” and even satan himself lurking these tunnels. FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/Iprateam

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