• 7 Signs of Paranormal Activity

    Recognizing the signs of paranormal activity is the most important step in resolving issues caused by unknown entities. Every case is different and your experience is likely to differ from that of your neighbor or friend. There are some common activities that paranormal investigators and researchers believe to be indicators of existing or ensuing paranormal activity.

    # 1. Phantom sounds can take the form of voices, music or repetitive noises that occur at regular intervals. The characteristic sound of footsteps in the night, laughing, crying or music that occur at regular intervals are attributed to a residual haunting. Intelligent or inhuman spirits may create sounds to get your attention or to communicate with you in some way. You may experience the sounds of knocking, tapping or scratching in the wall or loud crashes and bangs with no identifiable cause. Each is characteristic of specific types of hauntings.

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  • Types of Hauntings

    I can only speak from my experiences, talking with other investigators and my readings of the subject. Ghost are not like what is portrayed in the movies or on TV.

    There are 3 basic categories of ghosts and depending on who you talk to the third isn’t really a ghost.

    1. Residual
    2. Intelligent
    3. Poltergeist

    Residual Haunting
    Residual haunting (sometimes called Stone Tape) is basically a repeated playback of some event in the past. Sometimes a traumatic event such as a murder, a routine event or even a life altering event. It is like a recording stuck in a loop playing the same thing over and over again. The ghost is not aware of the world or the live people around it. The residual ghost does not interact with the living. No one really knows what sets off a residual haunting. It could happen day after day for no reason, it may happen after an electrical storm, or some other event or trigger.

    Intelligent Haunting
    In an intelligent haunting the ghost is aware of our world and can respond or interact with it. It can communicate by talking or moving objects. Sometimes their voice can be heard with your ears but more often than not as an EVP. As popularized by some Paranormal programs on TV a K2 meter with its lights can be used as a communication device.

    This is the haunting that is portrayed in movies and on TV. The ghost throws things, damages property and at times attacks people. It can also communicate by either spoken word or bangs and knocks. This type of haunting is not often encountered by investigators. There is some studies that claim poltergeists are not really ghosts.

    (the following excerpt is from Wikipedia)

    Nandor Fodor proposed that poltergeist disturbances were caused by human agents suffering from some form of emotional stress or tension. William G. Roll studied 116 different poltergeist cases and found that the agents were often children or teenagers, and supposed that recurrent neuronal discharges resulting in epileptic symptoms may cause recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK), which would affect the person’s surroundings. The case of the Rosenheim Poltergeist, where none of the disturbances could be explained via physical means, was suggested to be caused by psychokinetic forces. Other explanations Poltergeist disturbances that have not been traced to fraud have been attempted to be explained scientifically. David Turner, a retired physical chemist, suggested that ball lighting, another phenomenon, could cause inanimate objects to move erratically. Some skeptics propose that poltergeist activity might be caused by simpler phenomena such as static electricity, electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, infrasound, or ionized air. Hallucinations, like the sounds of bells or footsteps, may be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.