• Gettysberg ghosts

    (this is best view at full screen)

    Tom Underwood was visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield in 2001 with his family when he recorded this video at Triangular Field. It is considered by many to be perhaps the best, most compelling ghost video ever recorded. It appears to show semi-transparent figures walking through the woods. They seem to be walking uphill, even though the land there is currently flat. It has been noted that the actions of the figures seem to repeat themselves, indicating that this may be a residual haunting — a kind of recording on the environment. Some think the figures look like soldiers in gray Confederate uniforms.

  • Poltergeist Activity?

    The following video is CCTV footage capturing paranormal activity in a Whitstable (England) shop. What’s happening? It may be easier to see on you full monitor size.

    My coments on the video… Personally, I’d place it in the fake category. There appears to be a person at the end of the row. When the victim goes to the incident area the person disappears. A box floats off the shelf and sits there. It goes unnoticed. A box falls (not floats) off the shelf where the victim is facing. The victim picks it up and is now facing the floating unmoving box. The floating box falls forward towards the camera. Looks to much as a set up. However, I’d like to see the security cam footage of the rows on either side of the showed row.

  • Know your equipment

    If you watch any Ghost Hunting programs on TV you’ll them use different EMF meters. They walk around wavi8ng them around looking for signs of EMFs which to them means ghosts. Nothing could be further from the truth, Here is a video explaining different devices and what may give false positive readings.

    This video does not list all reasons for false readings but th3se are the most common. Also, when using an EMF meter you must hold them still for a few seconds before reading them. Movement can bounce around the needles. Also, the human body sends electrical impulses throughout its’ system. Sensitive equipment can read those pulses.

  • Huff Post Live – What’s Spooking America

    Of the 1,000 adults interviewed Dec. 17-18, the HuffPost/YouGov poll revealed 45 percent believe in ghosts, or that the spirits of dead people can come back in certain places and situations. When asked if they believe there’s a life after death, 64 percent responded Yes. While 59 percent of adults don’t believe they’ve ever actually seen a ghost, 43 percent also don’t think that ghosts or spirits can harm or interact with living people.

    HuffPost Weird News

  • Man records conversation with serial killer

    The Graves family moved into Fox Hollow Farm in Indiana, having no idea what was waiting for them. “Paranormal Witness” recounted the legacy of the farm. Serial killer Herb Baumeister lived there, and killed at least thirteen young men before committing suicide on the property in the 1990s.

    He buried their bodies around the farm. Authorities removed more than 5,000 bone fragments, but the Graves found more. They reported seeing ghosts and hearing strange knocks, but it was Joe LeBlanc, a man who rented an apartment on the property, who had the most specific encounter.

    He claims to have made contact with the ghost of Herb Baumeister, even recording the session. A voice could be heard repeating the phrase, “The married one.” LeBlanc had been asking who was walking in the kitchen. As all of Baumeister’s victims had been single, he determined this answer must mean the spirit was Baumeister himself.

    See more re-enactments of spectral encounters on “Paranormal Witness,” Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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  • John Zaffis – Haunted Collector

    As mentioned several posts ago, Haunted Collector on the SyFy network was renewed for another season. John pasted this on his FaceBook page.

    Do you ever feel like the eyes of a portrait might be following you across the room? Or, did you notice an item has mysteriously shifted from the location you last placed it? Do your family and friends claim to have unexplained phenomena happen in your home or business? Sure, it could be a coincidence…or it could be paranormal. Ghosts and spirits inhabit more than just homes and buildings – they can live in objects, too.

    A world-renowned paranormal investigator and his team may be able to help you and your case. If you would like to be considered for “Haunted Collector,” please submit the following information:

    1. Describe the unexplained phenomena
    2. Describe the location (home, business, or other)
    3. List any relevant history
    4. City and state
    5. Name (first & last)
    6. Contact information
    7. Photo(s) of yourself and the location

    Send submissions to: helpthehaunted@gmail.com

    Zaffis has over forty years of experience as a paranormal investigator. Zaffis admits that he was initially very skeptical of the existence of ghosts, until one Wednesday evening when he was sixteen and saw a transparent apparition at the foot of his bed shaking its head back and forth. When he told his mother of the incident, Zaffis learned that his grandfather, when he was alive, always shook his head when he was upset about something. In the next few days, Zaffis’ grandmother, who lived with him, died. This incident piqued his interest in the paranormal and set him about talking to authorities on the subject and reading about the paranormal. Zaffis spent his first years studying under his uncle and aunt Ed and Lorraine Warren, both demonologists. What he learned from his aunt and uncle exceeded his original interests in ghosts and haunted houses. Zaffis became interested in demonology at a young age, which led into his involvement with cases of spirit possession and exorcism and working with prominent exorcists in that field. He has studied the work of Roman Catholic priests, monks, Buddhists, rabbis, and Protestant ministers.[5] Zaffis has also taken part in and assisted with the work of well-known exorcists like Bishop Robert McKenna, Malachi Martin, and Reverend Jun. (More at WikiPedia)